Silence is Gold

I am listening…

I am listening to the blooms… We are here to add fragrance to what you see. Time is immaterial.

I am listening to the sky… I’m vast, so is your comprehension. Have a good look at can find the elegant ‘you’ inside of you.

I am listening to the water… I am ever moving. Keep moving for every movement bring significant changes in the flow.

I am listening to Mother Earth… Have patience.. it strengthen you from within, prepare you to the best.

I am listening to fire… Inexplicable intenseness.

I am listening to whispers of wind… Reminding me of.. whispers do carry rhythms.

I am listening to what has been communicated silently… And it’s priceless.

Such a great feeling for I have been told that; I’m loved unconditionally. I don’t need to change anything to be loved. I am accepted the way I am with all my flaws. I am allowed to express myself. I am valued & respected for who I am. I am amazed at the power of ‘giving & receiving’. Everything happened absolutely in ‘silence’.

The more I quietened the mind.. more my silence spoke.
I am realising… Enormous amount of silence is an expression by itself. Silence is effectively felt and expressed for it has no filters and pretention is not required. In other words.. it can carry the very essence of love.

Silence is gold!


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