Gracefully Srishti

“You are truly gifted”.
“You inspired me to take this step”.
“I’m grateful to God and you for enriching experiences”.
“Time flies when you are with us, and we always feel we could have spent some more time….”
“Lucky to have you… learnt the best of all the Gurus from only one guru. All condensed and practically easy to use”.
“Your thought and word came into reality… I’m awarded”.
“Ever since I’ve started reading you, I could feel my inner harmony growing”.

Is she feeling privileged to receive all these rewarding words? Naah!
Because she never used to identify with any of those as that is not a good practice… She grew up hearing this and was asked to do what is required and that’s fundamentally her responsibility to be equipped, to get along with life. So much family conditioning, gender bias, social conditioning, embarrassment, fear of an ‘evil’s eye’ to name a few.

Then she did a lot of running, chasing, polishing, tried changing, mastering skills, learning…did everything to live comfortably…to be perfect, to be organized, to be patient, to fit into frame… what not? In the process, did every possible thing to straighten herself. Just forgot to LIVE. Got disconnected with the Inner environment that has created struggles in her external environment…. Struggle to exist and quite often would feel alienated. This happened at various levels. She strived for others’ approval, struggled to earn love. And to be respected and valued…is a farthest dream. Never she was able to comprehend goodness.
She also found creative ways to beat up herself until woke up to a day where she was told… There is nothing that she needs to change, she is good as she is. And that was a revelation!

Till then she was living in assumptions. Fully in agreement with… there’s still something she needs to improve, something little weird or wrong and so on. But life doesn’t work that way.

Each of us are unique in our own way and we are blessed with wonderful qualities. The more we are in alignment with that uniqueness, acknowledge those special qualities, life would be of full surprises. There would be lot of joy, happiness, fun-filled moments….
When she realized this, first thing she did was unlearn what seemed to be perfect and allowed herself to be imperfect, so called weirdo. But her happiness returned… She has started LIVING. Then discovered the number of those selves that were disowned and rejected.

She started owning, embracing, loving all of those abandoned selves. More she embraced, more she could feel empowered and happy. This made her feel good about the self. And gave a better understanding that source of happiness or joy or appreciation…are within. If people can make her feel any of those, they are being instrumental. This is Srishti’s journey so far and it is ever growing & it keeps going!

I am a master piece…
I am lovingly sent here by the Master Craftsman…
I am unique…
I am special…
I am multi talented…

All put together is Srishti.

Now, everything makes sense to her!


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