Accept anyway…

Recently, I found myself in a typical situation…
I wanted some information from someone…so waiting for the response. For some strange reason, it was getting delayed and it’s started making me feel restless.. desperate.. worried..
Let me be honest.. I’m little irritated too!
The day got over…but the uneasiness was lurking in my mind.
Thanks to my daily rituals… suddenly something stuck…
Wait a minute… what exactly is ‘irritating’?
Delay… ignorance… unimportant…?? Mind gives too many reasons to get upset about.
But, what if the person is really held up with something more important…maybe a serious situation?
Has it happened before…No!
The whole amount of love & affection towards this person suddenly changed? We come to conclusions… just because one message got delayed? Is this the true love? Acceptance? Trust?
These are the things we come across more often especially in close relationships.
True acceptance is to be unconditional
It’s respecting their time & efforts
Acceptance is trusting
Allowing them to operate from their space & pace
It is ok to wait…
Acceptance starts from within..
This understanding may avoid many day to day conflicts.
Creating peace is an inside job!


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