Changing perspectives will change lives!

Choosing to speak from a commoner’s perspective… nothing sort of awareness stuff at all….
Recently while I was interacting with a group of women, what surprised me was…women wanted to ask, express, share, come out into light, showcase their abilities and so on. But mostly chose to be spectators…not because they don’t know/want…. majority of them were not sure if that is ok…whether it is safe to speak their mind… All that is among women! This made me get into little logistics…what is the percentage of literate women, working professionals, heading MNCs, SME entreprenuers, self-employed, freelancers and many more… My country is a ‘developing’ country.
How to measure the development in terms of adequecy, self supportive, empowered, mentally & emotionally strong? Yes, that is a good number…good sign! Is it sufficient to groom the next generation of girls?

Well, I couldn’t find an answer…except for a fulfilling experience of hearing to those many amazing women started speaking up, pouring out their hearts after ensuring it is ok to accept the fact…nurturing beings occupy half of the ground & half of the earth…half of everything.

On this note, sending out lots of love & blessings to the little ‘girl children’ to be well accepted by the families, little girls to be well strengthened by doting fathers, to have sharing & caring brothers, to receive unconditional love & support from male friends, collegues, to be valued & respected by husbands, receive love from sons, never come a situation to need ‘the need’….primarily, stop judging themselves for being ‘too feeling’ people and that is natural.


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