Few years ago, late in the evening I’ve received an anonymous call. Usually, I don’t prefer…but something in me told to pick it up. It was a young girl, a student from a reputed college. She called to tell me… I am about to pop pills as I’ve lost interest life. However, just before taking that step, I wanted to speak my heart out…couldn’t call the closed ones rather chose to speak to a stranger so randomly picked the number and dialled…
All that I could do was to just listen to her for really long and convince her to meet the next day. Glad…she did! What a relief it was… I thanked my favourite line once again for the big shift I’ve witnessed.
“She’s divinely guided & protected”
Otherwise parents, world would have missed such a brilliant student, youngest blogger, poet and a good human.

That day I’ve realised..being intelligent is not going to make someone successful while they feel unsupported, devastated inside… until unless they can make different choices. What seems to be a flowery picture may not be true. There are many smiling faces but crying inside.
Why this story now?

Well, world needs lot of love, healing support, supportive & kind hearted people to heal the planet as there’s lot of uncertainty prevails. Nothing to be done as go…do something…change it..NO! Practice consciousness, being in the awareness. As I heal myself, everything, everyone around me experience healing. It is all about expressing & experiencing the Divine in & among. I’ve seen “Forgiveness” creating such shifts in many lives. Can’t even ask…God, pl come & help me…seriously? God also has to speak through a human. The power of humanity.
I send out love and I receive in abundance!


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