More Drama? Nah!

The dais is all set for the play! The hall is empty… nobody has turned up yet… artists may come in a while…not even the organiser. Must be busy coordinating with all those who have to take part…the darkness…a gentle reminder of transition…


The technical team who relentlessly give their best every time, but not all the time their efforts are appreciated or acknowledged. A few kind souls feel really grateful to what they did receive and still in anticipation to receive more… The best part is, the team is never upset…They just continue doing what has been entrusted to them.
Art people will take care of the all that is necessary…that can add volume and texture to the play.

A few moments later, organiser came…walked in and looked around… and A brimming smile showed up on his face.. While checking around the hall, organiser could hear those little noises from the other corner. So went ahead to see, only to find these cute little ones rehearsing their part of the play to give a better performance. Amazed to see their commitment and dedication moved on to check the other things.

Slowly everyone started coming in… The play has started. Everyone is busy doing their part…actually, giving their best performance. All the emotions are effortlessly flowing as per the script…whenever the character artist enters, the drama is becoming more lively and interesting. A cameo comes and drives everyone to be more involved in the drama. The artists come onto the dais and once there role gets over leaving the dais while others just watch nothing else but. When it comes to their turn, are they getting on the dais….
It is a process… everyone comes and goes…and nobody can stay in any one place nor do they depend on others. Everything happens so effortlessly!

How different are our lives from the drama….except for ‘taking’ the roles seriously and ‘live’ them, instead of ‘play’ and leave? As long as it is remembered, everything is smooth and effortless.

‘Almighty’ the Organiser has created such a platform where everything is been perfectly arranged… provided how better we can put them to use…
‘Nature and the Five elements’ the technical team give their best, absolutely with no judgment…how many times nature has to get the brunt of it just because we could not know how to maintain a balance rather abused.
‘Art department’…Sun & moon, stars & sky, day & night, plants & animals, seas & mountains, environment… rain & rainbow…how many thoughts & feelings & emotions. How much are they adding colour to our lives? How much are we respecting these resources?
‘Cute little ones’ the souls, even before they incarnate, they are in perfect harmony…give and receive, share and care, support each other. It will become a problem when the truth becomes unconscious. With little awareness, we can get back to our original essence…

All of us can come and go never know when….with no control over the time period. Little realising, it is just a brief time we spent here and everyone is playing a role, acting as per their own script to play…no less, no more, it is just adequate. What is in our hands is to give an ‘enthralling performance’…be a ‘giver’ of that. As long as we remember them as roles, we are fine… there is an ‘acceptance’… no blame game… no suffering. All that takes is a little awareness to live life in abundance…. An abundance of love, joy, happiness, taking good care, being healthy, understanding, good amount of compassion, willingness to forgive, respect & value feelings & emotions and move on. When all of these aspects can become a part of us… that is heaven and the absence only creates hell right here.

And more so, implementing & putting them into practice makes us feel good. Don’t worry about the beholder’s perspective. Feeling good is the best possible version of ‘Divine Expression’ and we become instruments for each other in being that!

The abundant nature has provided abundance in many forms… No shortfalls nor there any shortcomings either.

Wishing for the best possibility of ‘Live, let live life in joy & peace & harmony’… No DRAMA!


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