I am expressing…


My Classroom

The screamy class room is making everyone restless… They are full of frenzy for teacher was on leave for the day.
Teachers from the other rooms shook their heads not knowing how to handle this…

Meanwhile, in another room…

“Ms. Roma, I want you to handle this for today”
“But Ma’am, highly difficult for me.. neither I’m that experienced”
“Remember… You’re the one who told me… Might be the noisiest, mischievous but they do deserve kindness and compassion for they are children… not disapproval?”
“Well, I do agree… But how will I be able to? I’m scared of getting in..”
“I don’t find anyone better than you at present. You can do this. Come, I’ll take you to the classroom”

Ms. Roma and Headmistress enter the classroom and Roma was introduced as their new in charge Math teacher.
One week went by with lot of hustle and bustle for Roma… Right from getting them into their seats properly to getting all the work done that hasn’t done in the past few months.
From the fretting & fuming from everywhere to ‘why is the class so quiet… maybe they were taken out somewhere!

A month later…

One evening, quite a group of students appeared in front of Roma teacher’s house. She was taken a back with this sudden event… apprehensive to ask what’s the matter. And her family also got little petrified with this sudden act.
Then students started pleading… “Roma Teacher, we all want you help us, helping ourselves. We didn’t know how to overcome this difficulty with learning. Not only Math, we need your support to learn other subjects too!”
Roma is so touched by their words and agreed to help them for some time till they can do by themselves; by working for some extra hours. Gradually other students too started adding to the group. Their collective efforts resulted in the most beautiful way. Their grades improved, they have started becoming more sensitive, become more responsible not only for themselves but for their friends too. They developed such a great bonding with Roma. What was even more beautiful was… After they graduated to the next class, the whole class requested management to have Roma as their class teacher and management happily agreed to this.

Few months later, Roma got engaged. Though they are happy for their teacher getting married, the fact that she will move out to another city… Devastating news for them. They wanted her to stay for a year more till the time they complete the school. But things didn’t work out for them.

The whole bunch of these young little girls and boys bid farewell to their favorite Roma teacher with lot of heaviness in their hearts… So is Roma teacher.

Fifteen years later…

She was remembered by her ‘then’ little friends …. She felt so happy to hear from them, the success stories, about their families…. They have all settled in various professions… Doctors, engineers, higher officials, businesses….. Providing best of their services. The way they have settled in life is so inspiring. Above all… They still remember Roma teacher and what she taught.

“We can never forget what you taught us about ourselves and how important it is to take responsibility for life! A teacher plays a key role in child’s life and how it impacts life is commendable. We are so fortunate to have Roma teacher in our lives.”
What can be a bigger accomplishment than having a special place in those many hearts.

Roma teacher is in tears! The most beautiful and precious day in Roma teacher’s life! The feeling is priceless.
Life really loves!

Dedicating to all my teachers…
With love & gratitude

To Me… With lot of Love…

Dearest Rekha,

I love you!
I really really love you! I have said this many times before but only now I am feeling and being that love… You know it is such a beautiful thing to have you and I mean it!

I’m realising… Though I couldn’t express it to you, I always loved you for you are an incredible person, a precious gift to the world.
I always admired you for who you are.. The way you multitask, way you handled life against all odds, your perseverance, commitment, kindness & compassion, the way you carry yourself… I’m actually short of words.

I want to ask… Why was that easy to do everything for the sake of others and why can’t you be kind enough to yourself? It’s ok to make mistakes but you punished yourself even when you’re not guilty…why? You have learnt from them too… isn’t it? Even when you were not ok with what has happened, still you chose to be quiet…why? Why did you become so immune to upset & disappointment? Why do you want to be sensitive to the insensitive? It’s not required my sweetheart! If you are angry, be angry. If you feel vulnerable, don’t be sorry for that. If you are left with no energy take a break… You have the freedom. Exercise your choice. You don’t need to be people pleasing.

Maybe this very nature has distanced us apart and we lost ourselves. And our relationship suffered. Let’s be together again. Right from this moment, I’m going to stand by you no matter what… nothing is as important as you… I’m with you in every moment of life… good or not so good. I support you live your dream… You want to be the best version and a meaningful contribution to the world.. aren’t you? I’ll make you win the game of life… Trust me.. I keep up my companionship! Allow me to laugh through you and you are unstoppable.

It’s time to emerge out of your shell and you are safe! Don’t let your sparkle down for anything or anyone. I want to see you happy and shine like a star.

You are adequate…in fact more than what you could see. You were never scared to risk… don’t you remember? No matter how you feel, you still would get up, wear your smile and show up your best self. Be that again… not from despair…. for a new beginning. Take your first step to create new ‘You’… A new reality! Probably, you might feel… I’m ‘no where’… Maybe, you will be found in ‘no where’.

I love you Rekha!
I miss you… when you don’t look at me.
I miss your charismatic smile… when you are in distress.
I feel lost… when you feel alone.
I am with you… I am in you NOW & FOREVER!

Festival of Harvest

My gratitude to Sun God for I’m blessed with the prana energy. My gratitude to the sunlight for it promises a possibility of brightness & growth in life. 

My gratitude for the nature, harvest, every meal that nourishes me, sandhya kaal for reminding me of transition, spring for it reminds to start fresh from wherever I am, blooms that reminds to smile irrespective of situation, environment…

Life is beautiful and being where I am is a blessing for I thoroughly enjoy seasons and changes.

This Makar Sankranthi, I pledge to contribute my part of saving water.

Learning to fall in love with myself ❤️

Once upon a time there was a little girl who was somewhat unique!

She was brave enough to face her little world where everyone was older and would make fun of every bit of her appearance. This girl had a unique talent ; something that can be termed as ‘photographic memory’. She could memorise pages in no time. She would sing, dance, chant, draw…all at the age of hardly six. Let me tell you… nothing had been taught; all by herself. More than anything she would empathize with people. Sight of beggars, rickshaw pullers, young and sick… bothered her a lot. She would actually question God.. “Why are they suffering? Why are you not helping them? Why don’t you give food and good clothes to everyone? I’m feeling sad seeing that child”….. This went on for many years.

Suddenly why this story of a little girl?

Apparently, this little girl grew up with so many notions…

I don’t look good so nobody wants to make friends with me and I’m never included.

I’ve to be brave and strong for I’ve to protect myself.

I’ve to excel in as many aspects so that I’m loved and appreciated by parents and others.

What I couldn’t have, I’ve to give. One always has to have someone to empathize for the world functions well if each person can think good about the next person.

Questioning God seems to be only possibility for she doesn’t know whom to ask.

And the questioning continued..

Yes, she did make a right choice! God has answered most of her questions.

While she was not ‘included’ she had included everyone into her life lovingly. Her strong nature made her independent. What can be the biggest gift than being the most talented and versatile? And more importantly, she is walking her talk by being a perfect example of ‘fall and rise’ is the way of life and that is ok. I am super proud of this “little girl” in me who is unique and a gifted child of God.

There is no perfect recipe for a perfect life nor is anything imperfect either. Take life as it comes that enables to include everything and exclude nothing. True freedom! Agree?

I Love Myself…

Sometime ago I said while looking into the mirror… ‘I Love You’ ‘you are good etc…  to myself a few times …but my mind said ….

“Do you really?”

“How can you be good?”

“You are selfish and mean”

“You always criticise yourself and others”

“You are lazy and lethargic all the time”

“Feel angst towards people” 

“Don’t like when they achieve something. You are jealous or be rude saying I’m being straight forward”

“Don’t much care about others….. And so on.”

All that is mind’s game of finding reasons to made me feel miserable. 


I took the first step of being gentle with my inner self and said…

“Even though I find hundred reasons to find fault, I still choose to Love you, I am learning to love, I am willing to Love” repeatedly. I still do! But I listen to my mind and say… You do your physiological job. Let me take care of myself.

This will change the way you look at yourself, your life and people around you. 

Compassion is the key to live joyfully. Being compassionate with ourselves makes it easy to be compassionate towards others.

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Being ME is the best thing ever ♥♥♥

This is such a splendid journey of knowing who I am, what I am and how I can be…

From the not knowing to knowing…..

Knowing to not paying attention

Not paying attention to ignoring

Ignoring to denying

Denial to suffering

Suffering to blaming

Blaming to inquiring

Inquiring to awareness

Awareness to be willing

Being willing to being receptive

Being receptive to changing

Changing to forgiving

Forgiving to Accepting

Accepting to be just moving