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Silencing the system… is the biggest strength to ‘have’
Same time… most difficult to ‘be’
It strengthens from within… but an intense journey by itself.
Inner screaming will go down slowly… drastically
Helps to keep conscience clear… Others choice is none of my business! Respecting the choices of self and others sets free.
More love for the self and equally compassionate towards others.
Importantly, it lets you ‘see through’ the prism… can’t help but obtain the vibgyor of life and the true challenge is to stay stable with every tint and tone.
But it is worth exploring!

It is beautiful!!

Gratitude… other side of it..

Years of practising Gratitude had made me wise enough to feel grateful for everything that is… that is not. And I breathe in and breathe out gratitude (my favorite line)
Giving thanks
Expressing gratitude
Expanding my support
Sending out love
All these have become a part of me
Receiving thanks
A compliment
An offer
A word of love
How much uneasiness I experience!
Such an imbalance…the door hasn’t been opened. A big roadblock!

When I was thanked for something and I was like…why thanking? No big deal…you know! It is something small that I could do…and so on. I also said… no formality please… I could clearly see my own reluctance in receiving GRATITUDE.
It is the same when someone complimented.

What if Universe is attempting to create more such ‘grateful moments’ and I am refusing… resisting!
Receiving is the gateway to abundance… whether gratitude or compliment or a smile, a hug, an invitation, a gift, offering a meal, etc.,

When someone says, you are awesome…believe it!
When someone says thank you… accept it
When something is been offered…receive it
Not to get confused with ‘praise’… that is merely a limiting expression.
They are not going to yield anything out of it except for more awesomeness that blossoms.
A captivating smile is sufficient for someone to feel the expansiveness of ‘who they are’. If this is ‘a contribution’ why resist?
Give gracefully…receive gracefully!

I have learned my lesson…

Right HERE Right NOW

Life has been fair enough to me! God loved and took care of me all the time. It was me who took long enough to take a pause, sit back and count on my blessings. The same I have been doing for some time…but it did not make me feel whole and there is always a sense of missing out on something. My quest continued…

I am THAT curious kid, enthusiastic teenager, super sharp young adult who would run and chase the time, started the second part of life with eyes wide open…filled with new hopes & dreams, a new Mum… suddenly became so responsible for another life….played the number of roles beyond comprehension, met large number of people, kids from various sectors…lived through all the situations under the sky…

Now I can say… this is been a whole & complete life…grand and glorious! A blend of many colours and textures…

Where am I standing right now? Where exactly I am supposed to be…neither laid back nor am I racing with time. Right here, right now watching me in wonderment…my uniqueness…’not to give up’ attitude in spite of getting tempted to do so every now and then…

I failed coming out of my own limitations.

I could not get through my finances easily.

The path I chose has challenged my conviction.

My practices looked at me and smiled…it’s ok, choose something different.

One step forward…ten steps backward…A few moments later new hurdles…

My day comprises of all of the above. Now as I am looking at those… I am laughing at myself.

The small little child in me is asking…are you going to change the direction? Do you leave me behind? “No, my dear…I will never leave your hand!”

I may fall…but now I know I can rise again.

I was broken…but I also know to gather my pieces.

I was shattered…still I can hold myself and continue walking.

Where is the strength coming from?

Lessons I have learned in life has made a lot of sense and kept me moving and I continue…

In the infinity of life, all is perfect, whole & complete…Louise Hay kindly introduced me to life.

Power of Intention will do the magic… Wayne Dyer said.

Angels are with you…assured Doreen.

Banish the non-nourishing from your system with an effortless ease… loving guidance.

Just believe in ‘The Magic’

Someone also asked ‘what else is possible?’ Just asking that question opened up many possibilities.

‘You are getting stronger’ a master gently reminded.

‘You are the gift to this world my friend’ assured an amazing man.

‘Be the voice in the wilderness that cries out for greater possibility’ said another amazing person.

Have the clarity, maintain the balance…rest will happen… said the mystic.

Let go of all the baggage you are carrying unknowingly from the ancestors… said a teacher lovingly.

After learning these, ‘I need to change myself a lot’ I thought…

Nothing you need to change…you are good the way you are..believe in the Universe, believe in yourself… assured my dear friend.

With all those voices in my head… Here I am… started a new DAY with more gratitude, love & compassion in my heart. Excited to see what unfolds. I honor my journey!

Busyness it is…

It’s been a long time since I have visited my blog… Was preoccupied with some assignments, urgencies, a lot of time constraints and so on.

But, today I have realised something strange.

So, my reason for not able to write was been #Busy.

Yeah…understood..what is the big deal? And it does happen once in a while. So??? My little voice asked.

Well… how many times it happens…I am busy attending some so-called busy schedule and in the meantime, I do miss out on certain other things.

Is it not important to attend busy schedules? I asked…

Yes, it is important but there is nothing as important or unimportant… Everything ‘I do’ matters. Just that the valuable perspective went missing.

The time I spend here is so valuable to me and it is my very special ‘me-time’. As I speak or when I share…I do read my lines, sometimes my own perceptions, changes, I do get an opportunity to hear various perspectives and I did learn a lot from many. Importantly, more time I pull out for the purpose…I also get time to explore more.

As such, life is full of experiences…events and situations. If I look at those as a part of life, I can live peacefully… live to its fullness and richness. Or if anything seems to be unwanted or unpleasant, something shows up as a compulsive activity and it feels boring and disinterested. It is only dragging life.

‘Busyness’ is only in the mind. If it persists, it kills the spirit… It blocks the creative channel…almost paralyses emotionally. It did to me.

Waking up early is important for my physical well being.

Cooking is important for my nourishment.

Committing to my work is important for my financial well being and mental well being.

While working, I can’t say… I am busy…can’t cook. Simplifying is the smartness. It is always a choice… What has to be done is important.

Likewise, can do everything hassle free…not out of compulsiveness for it only creates stress. It is a choice. And yes, any time you want to take a break, pause or skip that too can be a choice. It has to be equally easy to pull out of the ‘busyness’ and relax as and when it is needed.

Another side of the coin is… being busy keeps me active, engaged and my mind works very fast. I am not talking about multitasking…just being engaged with an activity. Doing one at a time is the thing… mindfulness!

Believe me… when I’m giving time to things I want to do or I like to do, naturally I’m creating more time. How does it happen?

Well, that’s the trick try it and see. Explore BUSYNESS to find more of yourself. It is worth trying.

Learning is Eternal!

Life is a journey! An ever learning experience for me!

On this occasion of Guru Pournami, may I take an opportunity to express my Salutations and Gratitude to everyone and everything from whom I have learned LIFE in a grand & glorious way!

Learning is my very essence… I think that has kept me walking…

My ‘Krishna’ Consciousness… be aware & awake all the time, learn to stay unaffected…don’t fall prey.

Gift of life from parents…

A privilege of parenthood…

A contribution is given & received from all my relationships along with great learning that ‘nothing is permanent except change’. So don’t live in an illusion.

Plants & Animals… who taught unconditional love, groundedness, perseverance, consistency, selflessness and much more.

Teachers I have met… Some blessed me with education, one teacher taught ‘there’s no hierarchy’, one teacher made me understand ‘no one is exceptional to Divine plan’, another taught ‘human essence’ cannot grow beyond limitations as long as been ‘ego-driven’, one teacher taught true compassion, one teacher taught ‘stay out of the clutches of ‘likes & dislikes’, and a mystic taught ‘clarity, stability & balance’ are keys.

And my mentor gave me the toughest of all lessons… true empowerment is living life on my terms and it can only happen by ‘falling in love with myself’… learning is in progress!

And the teacher in me… a privileged to make a difference in my own life, educated the learner in me to learn from every single experience.

So far I could get to know my curriculum and I am yet to learn all these lessons. I am sure and I intend to complete my curriculum before I leave this ‘school’.

Shall ever be grateful to LIFE for this wonderful opportunity and a great phenomenon of ‘LEARNING’.

Dear Life…

Dear Life,

My heartfelt gratitude to you!

l am so touched by your kindness and generosity. Sometimes, I am amazed at your conviction and patience. If not you, I would have left so many things by now.

I was too loving

I was too sensitive

I was too sentimental

I was too logical

I was too trusting

I was too creative

I was too expressive

I was too emotional

I was too short tempered

I was complexed

I was too complicated

I was too anxious

I was too shy to ask

Who will handle these many ‘too’s except you? A grand package that needs to be well taken care of. Maybe that is the reason, I could not meet a person who could handle me. That is why I did belittle myself so that I can play either small or even less until that day you have reminded me it is not required. Thanks to you… held my hand and stopped creating further damage to myself. How much support I receive!

Every time I was about to lose the hope and going to drop dead, you brought me back into the existence.

This time it is really big. I was so struggling to make things but unable to see where am I heading towards. Everything seemed to be confusing. Was feeling utterly miserable. See… how much I have successfully distanced myself from you? Till you reminded me about the importance of health, it didn’t even occur to me that it is me who has to pay attention to bodily needs also.

I am more than grateful for helping me keep my cool even while experiencing deep distress which is happening for no apparent reason. I am in the process of recuperation.

Usually, it takes a moment to experience a shift. But so much changed for me in the past many hours. Clarity has filled many gaps, the cloggy air got cleared, suddenly something in me woke up… and this a new aspect of the inner child. You reminded me of my uniqueness as a child who was forgotten and forsaken for the ‘forceful responsibility’ beyond my measure and capacity. Not only has it been put me into the trauma of losing but also brought that child into the light. But having said that, it was a big revelation for me of how much that innocence was buried in a golden coffin that has been replaced with a mellowness that made me feel ‘obligated’ to think ahead of time… of everyone! The ‘playful’ child has been conditioned in such a way.

My first memory of kindness was/is you, your concern, wishing for my well being… I can never forget this.

Now I know… more than me, it is you who are keeping this fire on and brought that expertise to live life in CLARITY. I can now say… you will never let me down.

How do I name this beautiful relationship? I don’t know… don’t want to name it too! Because a definition is limited but this bonding is limitless. As I am loving myself more, you are showing me more ways to produce a broad array of colours.


“Meet your FEAR…” many people told Sameera in many different ways. “But, how do I look into its face?” She didn’t know how to do.

Sameera is fearful and Sameera is bold… both at the same time. She is so courageous to face the world but so very scared to get present to her own vulnerability.


When she was very young,  she was rarely allowed to play.  if at all allowed, it would be for a short time… should come back by so and so time. Getting late will only to get bashed up. So, whenever she knows she is late, it would panic her and the first thing she would think about was to put her reason in a gentle way that could not only justify the delay, also will not make her mother angry or think anything wrong about her. In the process, her mind would go haywire thinking what to put first and what comes later.

But no luck! Her story remains the same… invariably she would end up facing the music.

“How could you be so time sense at all?”

“Why did you not let your little brother play with you?

This little brother will have a smile from ear to ear…

“When are you going to learn responsibility?” And so on.

By that time, she is already lost in her thoughts thinking… this explanation has not helped me much. A better reason next time…


“What is going to happen? I am curious… What would be the reason for my Mom to scold me now?”

For not letting uncle know my rank… not getting inside and mind my studies or it would be for not offering water or for sitting in front of them?

“Sameera, can’t you see how dirty dining table is? At least you could have done a little cleaning…I was busy making coffee… what do they think?”

“What do they think?”… She looked at the dining table that is absolutely clean.

“why would they think about our dining table?” She got puzzled with this new reason.

Next time, I will not give a chance to find any fault…” thought to herself.


“Yes!! This time I have completed everything that has been told. Now Mom will not have any reason to scold me…”

“Sameera, look at those clothes…they are still hanging on the rope. You would have folded and put them inside…isn’t it… instead of sitting idle?”


Unreasonable reasons would haunt and justifications were too tiresome for her…not knowing what will happen next. She grew up with many such reasons that have always kept her busy and occupied, so was this ‘storyteller’ in her mastering the ‘justification’ skill. In fact ahead of time… because a preparation is a must to live every new moment coming up. It has reached a point where she is always ready with an ‘answer’ even before a question is being asked…no…no ‘justification’! It is better to ‘play safe’

The irony is, nobody wants to hear the answer….only questions were asked! This is even more confusing and it has pushed her into a bigger fear… “Maybe I can never be right!”.

This one thought has ruled her life…crushed her confidence…never she could trust herself. Even though she would do everything so meticulously with total involvement, it wouldn’t give her any satisfaction rather she would put herself into a lot of pressure… “I think, I need to make it better”. Again this would prompt her to give an ‘explanation’. The amount of vulnerability is beyond the measure.

Many years later, she was once told… “you are good the way you are… start trusting yourself” That has made her thinking… but not very sure if it is true! “Even though I don’t know how ‘good’ I am and how much ‘goodness’ I have…  at least I can give a thought to it”.

The first thing she did was… stopped running and started looking at things with a quiet mind. Earlier, she never had time to watch… as her mind was busy jumping into the next moment. While in the game of running and chasing… she would blame herself a lot for not getting it right, not doing right, not being able to do this and that, fearful to ask or to express…

Slowing down has helped her to see what is happening at the moment. She has trained her mind to take a moment to stay there and slowly started having a conversation with herself about everything. It has become easy to grow out of apprehensions, fears and importantly… it is not required for her to think of ‘reasons’ anymore. It has not only changed her as a person, also made her more a stable person.

Sameera is still training herself to be bold and strong… not with the world… with herself!

More Drama? Nah!

The dais is all set for the play! The hall is empty… nobody has turned up yet… artists may come in a while…not even the organiser. Must be busy coordinating with all those who have to take part…the darkness…a gentle reminder of transition…


The technical team who relentlessly give their best every time, but not all the time their efforts are appreciated or acknowledged. A few kind souls feel really grateful to what they did receive and still in anticipation to receive more… The best part is, the team is never upset…They just continue doing what has been entrusted to them.
Art people will take care of the all that is necessary…that can add volume and texture to the play.

A few moments later, organiser came…walked in and looked around… and A brimming smile showed up on his face.. While checking around the hall, organiser could hear those little noises from the other corner. So went ahead to see, only to find these cute little ones rehearsing their part of the play to give a better performance. Amazed to see their commitment and dedication moved on to check the other things.

Slowly everyone started coming in… The play has started. Everyone is busy doing their part…actually, giving their best performance. All the emotions are effortlessly flowing as per the script…whenever the character artist enters, the drama is becoming more lively and interesting. A cameo comes and drives everyone to be more involved in the drama. The artists come onto the dais and once there role gets over leaving the dais while others just watch nothing else but. When it comes to their turn, are they getting on the dais….
It is a process… everyone comes and goes…and nobody can stay in any one place nor do they depend on others. Everything happens so effortlessly!

How different are our lives from the drama….except for ‘taking’ the roles seriously and ‘live’ them, instead of ‘play’ and leave? As long as it is remembered, everything is smooth and effortless.

‘Almighty’ the Organiser has created such a platform where everything is been perfectly arranged… provided how better we can put them to use…
‘Nature and the Five elements’ the technical team give their best, absolutely with no judgment…how many times nature has to get the brunt of it just because we could not know how to maintain a balance rather abused.
‘Art department’…Sun & moon, stars & sky, day & night, plants & animals, seas & mountains, environment… rain & rainbow…how many thoughts & feelings & emotions. How much are they adding colour to our lives? How much are we respecting these resources?
‘Cute little ones’ the souls, even before they incarnate, they are in perfect harmony…give and receive, share and care, support each other. It will become a problem when the truth becomes unconscious. With little awareness, we can get back to our original essence…

All of us can come and go never know when….with no control over the time period. Little realising, it is just a brief time we spent here and everyone is playing a role, acting as per their own script to play…no less, no more, it is just adequate. What is in our hands is to give an ‘enthralling performance’…be a ‘giver’ of that. As long as we remember them as roles, we are fine… there is an ‘acceptance’… no blame game… no suffering. All that takes is a little awareness to live life in abundance…. An abundance of love, joy, happiness, taking good care, being healthy, understanding, good amount of compassion, willingness to forgive, respect & value feelings & emotions and move on. When all of these aspects can become a part of us… that is heaven and the absence only creates hell right here.

And more so, implementing & putting them into practice makes us feel good. Don’t worry about the beholder’s perspective. Feeling good is the best possible version of ‘Divine Expression’ and we become instruments for each other in being that!

The abundant nature has provided abundance in many forms… No shortfalls nor there any shortcomings either.

Wishing for the best possibility of ‘Live, let live life in joy & peace & harmony’… No DRAMA!

One with Life…

“As I am more present to what is happening in & around, what I possess, having people to whom ‘I matter’…
I feel more grateful to life… ”
What is your take?
How grateful are you?
It is ok to experience speed breakers..but it is for a short while.. be patient..

For a functional body?
The gadgets that connects us to the world?
Family we are blessed with?
An ability to comprehend to things..?
Good health?
What more?
I intend to create & generate huge amount of GRATITUDE to life, to myself, to the world that can replace misery, sick mentality, envy, jealousy, manipulation, anger, frustration and all with PEACE & HARMONY in & out of me.
I fill myself with LOVE and radiate LOVE!

Life is to live…

Education is a part of life…
Career is a part of life…
Relationships are part of life…
Success or failure… just an outcome…
Not life alone!
Life is… smiling often, laughing at your thoughts, doing everything play way!
Today, please take some time and notice things that create uneasiness or any kind of discomfort.
Speak to someone who will listen or write it on a paper & tear it.
Look into the mirror & smile.
Say…I love you & I am with you.
Stay happy & healthy…
Express gratitude for being strong & cheerful.
Have a wonderful ‘ME’ time!